our Prices


Dedicated Desk

$225 per month

Perfect for those who want their own space to leave things on. You're free to pick any desk to be yours and set up shop.

Full-Time Member

$175 per month

Our full-time members get to use the space whenever they want 24/7. 

Part-time Member

$129 per month

For those who don't plan to come every day. We give you 2 days per week to enjoy the space for our lowest price.

Day/Week Pass

$25 per day or $75 per week

Perfect for travelers, nomads, or those who only need a little bit of time to get their work done. 



GoWork will always be the best value coworking space in town.

All monthly memberships come with:

  • 24/7 access

  • Superfast WiFi

  • Free snacks and drinks

  • Unlimited conference room usage

  • Autonomous space (you get the key!)


With membership you have unlimited access to our conference room. If it's not reserved, you are free to use it. 

We have lockers for $15 per month to keep your things extra safe. 

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