Meet the Founders: Kyle Thibaut

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Kyle Thibaut

Co-Founder, Head of Technology

Kyle Thibaut is responsible for all technology at GoWork from online marketing to the customer experience.

As a Michigan native, Kyle spent most of his childhood surfing the internet from the family computer. His penchant for all things digital quickly grew from his abilities to quickly learn and navigate new technology and tools. Known as the “computer kid” throughout his childhood, he began to put his skills to work by designing websites for companies, his school district, and community. In addition to the web, he formed other hobbies in digital media such as video editing and photography.

While attending freshman year at the University of Michigan, Kyle met Andrew and the two quickly realized their skills at coming up with creative ideas that would lead to entrepreneurship. The two ended up living together the entire four years while preparing themselves for the future by studying engineering and ultimately how to solve big problems. It was during this time in Ann Arbor that Kyle introduced longtime school friend, Clayton Smith, into his social circle.

After leaving UMich, Kyle joined Car and Driver magazine and entered the automotive industry from the media side. While there, he learned the basics of building web content and online communities. While at Car and Driver, Kyle was asked to join TechCrunch as a full-time writer covering startups, gadgets, and cars.

During this time as a writer, Kyle was fortunate enough to travel the world and develop a passion for seeing more. As an active couchsurfer, he was able to understand the importance of viewing life and people from different perspectives seen all around the world.

After his time as a journalist, Kyle jumped into a more technical role at TrueCar where he was a senior analyst in charge of forecasting the future values of automobiles so that banks could develop new car lease plans. After four years in Santa Barbara, Kyle felt his heart pull him back toward Silicon Valley to join a startup. As an early employee of Beepi, Kyle was able to take part in deploying $150 million in capital to change the way people buy and sell cars online. He founded three teams at the company that utilized his growth mindset to start something, optimize the process, then train others who could specialize in the craft.  

Being in a startup wasn’t enough for Kyle. After two years, he wanted to be a founder and in total control of his destiny. After having long conversations with Andrew and Clayton, they identified a large need for coworking to connect more people in Ypsilanti. GoWork was formed as a place for others to come, share ideas, and work near each other all under the pretense that there is something bigger out there…you just need to work for it.