Meet the Founders: Andrew Sereno


Andrew Sereno

Co-Founder, Head of Operations

Andrew grew up in Chelsea, MI - 30min west of Ypsilanti. After high school, he graduated from University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering for Chemical Engineering with a concentration in Material Science. While at University of Michigan, he worked with the Martin Research Group on conducting polymers for neural interfacing, helping co-write a number of published journal articles. He eventually joined his colleagues who formed a startup, Biotectix, to commercialize the technology they had been researching in the lab. At Biotectix, Andrew would eventually become Principal Scientist with his name on multiple patents.
Originally intending to stay in academia, Andrew headed out to Pasadena, California in pursuit of a PhD from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). While at Caltech, Andrew realized that he enjoyed the jack-of-all-trades attitude that a startup requires and the dynamic nature of business - and, above all else, that he would rather be with his, then girlfriend, now wife, Rebecca, back in Michigan. He returned to live with Rebecca in Ypsilanti as she finished her last year at University of Michigan.
Continuing his work at Biotectix, Andrew started to realize the burgeoning culture in Ypsilanti and the birth of an entirely new generation of economy - full of freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs. Ypsilanti was growing, but was seeming to lack the centralized community that really creates a thriving economy. This idea lay nascent in his mind as he moved back to his childhood home in Chelsea with Rebecca, where they eventually had their daughter, Vanessa.
Andrew recently moved back to Ann Arbor and wanted a coworking space he could build his consulting business, away from his home – sometimes it’s nice to get a breath of fresh air and not be distracted. Looking around Ann Arbor, it was hard to find an open and accessible workspace that felt inviting without serious commitment, at a decent price no less. Then he remembered his years in Ypsilanti and how in need it was then of the exact space he was envisioning – something the entire community could benefit from. Looking, he saw that it still was in need, and the community was crying for somebody to open a coworking space. Putting his consulting business aside, Andrew decided to partner up with his old roommates from his time at UofM to open up GoWork. And here we are!
When he’s not working at GoWork or meeting with clients, Andrew spends as much time with his daughter, Vanessa – usually cooking in her play kitchen or chasing the cats around the house. If he ever does find himself alone, he enjoys kayaking the lakes in the Waterloo-Pinckney Recreation Area or gardening when he’s at home. Of course, those activities can only be done in the summertime in Michigan, so in the wintertime he finds himself playing board games with friends or videogames with his wife.