You’re at GoWork, but now you’re hungry… Where do you go?

Ypsilanti has amazing places to eat

This post shows you our favorites

You’ve been at GoWork all day, working up a storm and then it hits you: the gummy bears and coffee aren’t quite cutting it - it’s time to get some real food to eat, take a break, and clear your mind. Lucky for you, downtown Ypsilanti (and Depot Town) have some great spots, new and old, to grab some grub and relax.

A personal favorite of ours is Encuentro Latino. Just 2 blocks away, it’s a quick walk down Michigan Ave - long enough to get a breath of fresh air, short enough to not feel like you’re wasting too much time. Encuentro serves up fresh authentic guatemalan fare at a great price. Open from 11a-8p all days of the week, weekend included, it’s fast and guaranteed to satisfy. The price is right and the menu is hard to get bored with. Great vegetarian options as well.

Another option, fresh to the Ypsi food scene and making waves is Ma Lou’s Fried Chicken. Also down MIchigan Ave, in the other direction, just 1 block away - it’s an easy choice for a fresh take on a classic comfort food. Everything Ma Lou’s offers is on point for those looking for a fried food fantasy. 

Right around the corner is a local favorite, Red Rocks Downtown Barbecue. Whether you’re going for lunch, dinner, or happy hour, Red Rocks is sure to satisfy those looking for a traditional barbecue experience. A hearty meal, heavy on the meat, it will no doubt provide the dense calories needed to sustain an intense work session at GoWork. If you end up with leftovers, remember that we have a fridge for all members to use.

Feeling a little adventurous? Want to get some exercise in or make a long phone call while enjoying the views of Frog Island? Head on over to Depot Town for some excellent options (about a 20min walk or a quick drive when you need to shuffle your parking spot anyways.). Maiz is very popular, especially for happy hour - they serve some insane margaritas and do traditional American Mexican better than anybody else around. Ollie Food + Spirits serves high-end fare with quality ingredients that always leaves us satisfied - they cook everything to perfection. Sidetracks is an Ypsilanti tradition that has pub food classics and a diverse menu that will satisfy a diverse group - it is often the best choice when you have an indecisive group to feed.

New restaurants are popping up almost weekly in the bustling Ypsilanti food scene, and there are already so many staples that are tried and true, it is hard for us to truly give them all their fair time in the spotlight. Check on Yelp and stay updated, there is something for everyone nearby at GoWork. Here is a list of the other options that we encourage you to try downtown and in Depot Town:





Bona Sera


Ypsi Alehouse


3-D Nutrition

Go! Ice Cream


Depot Town





Ypsi Food Co-Op

The Bomber