New Healthy Restaurant in Ann Arbor: Fresh Forage


Ann Arbor’s first fast-casual farm-to-table restaurant has opened by Andrew Sereno and Samuel Boyce. Andrew also owns Gowork.


Food that is locally and sustainably sourced that fits into the fast-paced lifestyle. They have decided that eating well no longer needed to be a trade-off between convenience and health.

The ingredients are sourced from their own family farms, as well as sustainably foraged from the deep woods throughout the state. The menu evolves with what is available locally.

100% of the serving materials are compostable.

Check them out.

Open 11a - 8p every day.

Address5060 Jackson Rd suite a, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

(734) 887-6655

Why GoWork?


Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti's only autonomous coworking space

we offer serious value to everyone.

Open and accessible to all

We aren't your normal coworking space that limits membership to high-profile startups, big businesses, or special types of people. We are here for everyone from all walks of life - sole-proprietor, remote worker, freelancer - you name it. Whether you want to be here for a single day, week, month, or year, you're welcome at GoWork.

Becoming a member is simple and easy with a process that takes only 5 minutes from start to finish - all online. Once we confirm you, your bluetooth-enabled smartphone will give you access to open the door and get into GoWork.

24/7 Workspace

Located in downtown Ypsilanti, our space offers both open and private space. Our aim is to create an environment that prioritizes comfort and focus over all. Whether you are a professional, nomad entrepreneur, student or creative, we truly believe that GoWork will be your best place to get work done.  


Expect the usual drinks and snacks, as well as printing, private lockers, and mailboxes. We have both traditional seated desks and more relaxed areas when you want to move around, Sometimes you want to sit in a more lounge-like arrangement, sometimes you want to stand a bit higher on a perch; we have both for you.

We're Hosting An Art Exhibit!


Art at GoWork

Friday, Jan 5

Friends of GoWork, we are super excited for this one. We have partnered with local artist, Morgan Burgard, to share with you her talents. 

Starting Jan 1, her work will be on display inside GoWork as we lead up to our event on Friday, Jan 5, from 6-830p.

Celebrate the new year by coming to an art exhibition filled with color, art, and more! FREE admission! Anyone and everyone is welcome!

Come see the original work of local artist Morgan Burgard ( With a variety of colors and abstract creations, there is something for everyone to see. Smaller prints available for purchase. Morgan hopes to share her passion for art and see you there! 

All inside of downtown Ypsilanti's newest coworking space, GoWork ( GoWork offers both open and private space for yourself or your business. GoWork's aim is to create an environment that prioritizes comfort and community overall.

Note: We love to host local artists in our community. If you have something you want to share to our community, please send us a message.